Comments on the course

On the course, I could understand 2 things.
First, I could understand new words for academic writing. I had not been concerned which words I should use, but I understand I have to choose appropriate words.
Second, I could understand how to study English more. Until now, I had studied English to read English books or joining English classes. However, I thought I should read academic writings such as  papers.To read good sentences, we can improve English skills.
I appreciate you to teach how to write academic writing. I’ll study English more, and I want to use English welll.


Today's exercise

  • As can seen from Table Ⅱ, participation figures have been steadily falling since 1970.
  • Different authors have accounted for the President's actions in different ways.
  • Mendel attempted to devise a system for classify the many different types of pea plant that he grew.
  • It is often most effective to pretend your data in a chart or table.
  • The data we have collected demonstrates that there has been a download trend with regard to job satisfaction over the last 50 years.
  • The aim of the research is to develop a new software application which will help  aviation engineers design more sophisticated aircraft.
  • The archaeologists should be able to use carbon dating technique to establish exactly how old the bones are.
  • Charles Darwin attempted to explain the existence of different species in terms of evolution.

My errors

I often forget articles like "a" "the" and so on. Moreover, I use not correct words. Word Choice is difficult, but I can reduce my mistake to be careful. 

AWL sublist 1 sentence

The paradigm of Language Socialization draws upon the theoretical and analytical concepts used in linguistic anthropology, poststructuralist approaches to the study of discourse and practice, and the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl.
言語の社会化の実例は、言語人類学において使われる理論的または分析的な概念を利用し、ポスト構造主義者は論文と実験の研究や、Edmund Husserlの現象学に接近している。

This blending of different philosophical positions leaves Language Socialization with an incoherent concept of subjectivity.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate, first, how a coherent concept may be reached.

The article argues for a phenomenological approach to the concept of habitus that brings the intentionality of consciousness back into focus as the true object of socialization processes.

Second, the article demonstrates how an integrational approach to language, invested in the first-person perspective, can further an understanding of socialization as a dynamics of interactional and intentional pattern formation in children's development.

About Atama-ii books

About Atama-ii books

Ayu Irie
Kouta Shimada
Moeka Yamamoto

Introduction of Atama-ii books
       These books are educational books for people learning English as a second language, all aged 11 and up.
       Atama-ii books have various topics such as science, world events, history, and so on. They are written in 2500 words, so most people can read them casually. There are 10 Atama-ii books like “Zombies in Tokyo,” “Brainstorm,” and so on.

       Now, we introduce the outline about “Brainstorm.” Readers made nanobots that can go inside a human body and can fix sick and damaged cells. They were controlled by using a special helmet and gloves. One day, readers and co-developer were experimenting in nanobots. Suddenly, co-developer fall down and seemed to be sick. What should readers do?
      Next, we introduce about “Zombies in Tokyo.” You live in busy city, Tokyo. There are many people all of the time. But, one day, there is no people. You wonder why there is no people, you meet a family and be taught zombies appear in Tokyo. You run away with the family. Can you ran away from zombies?

       These books have options, so readers can choose which they read further halfway through reading, and the books have 8 different endings, but all endings are not good and suggestive. That is to say, it is not sure that your choice is correct or incorrect, and you can get a happy ending or not.
       we can read Atama-ii books in short time. So, if you are not good at reading English, you want to read more with fun. It is one of the feature of the books that you can read like a game.

How to use Atama-ii books
       For using Atama-ii books, we can get different ways to study English. For example, in class, students can share their own endings. It could be good training for reading, summarizing, and communicating in English.
       If you use Atama-ii books, you can broaden out your ways to study English!

2018 Atama-ii books. “ATAMA-II BOOKS”.http://www.atama-ii.com/books-ordering/ 2018.9.11 accessed
Written with: Irie, A. and Shimada, K


Today's exercises

The study showed that local police can play an important role in crime prevention. It makes a strong case for boosting the numbers of community police officers although it warns against increasing police presence on the streets to an alarming degree. Its methodology was based on a range of interviews asking members of the public for their views on how best to prevent crime. Unfortunately, how to implement this recommendation was beyond the scope of the study but at least serves a useful purpose in raising awareness of the issue.
  • the case for
  • views on
  • beyond the scope of
  • awareness of


Today's exercises

A: I called the airline and confirmed my reservation.
B: The data confirm my hypothesis that animal-lovers enjoy better health.

A: The power plant generates electricity for the whole region.
B: The issue always generates a great deal of debate among academics.